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Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett

If there is one thing I have learned over the past few years it is that life often takes unexpected turns.

Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett

If you had asked eighteen year old me what I was going to do with my life, I would have told you that I would go to university straight after high school, get my degree and find a decent job. That didn’t happen and, although I struggled with it initially, two years and a bit on, I got into university at just the right time. I have my life sorted in ways which will ensure that my tertiary education will be worth the money spent on it.

I am far more mature than I was at eighteen and, while my two year break did not happen because I planned it that way, I can’t imagine not having taken this break. I was not ready to take on the responsibility of further studies then but I am motivated to better myself now.

That is also the reason behind my recent disappearance from my blog. I have been incredibly busy sorting out all the details which come with studying such as deciding which subjects I am going to take and sorting my student loans out. Other than that, I now have a job which keeps me busier than my previous job which I am incredibly grateful for. My hours are slightly more flexible yet it demands more of me physically. That, along with the upcoming start to my university career provides the stimulation I have been lacking over the last while. My mind needs the exercise. I honestly feel like, as days go by without me getting proper stimulation, I am losing parts of my intelligence. I can’t wait to be tired from learning again. I think it is a feeling we so easily take for granted.

The first few paragraphs of this article have absolutely nothing to do with this outfit but I wanted to share the news that I am a student again.

As for this dress, though, I am in love. It is by British brand, Motel, which I recently discovered while doing some shopping via Superbalist. I initially saw the white version of this dress on the website and I was intrigued but once I saw the black version I was beside myself. If you have read any of my posts before, even just one, you would know black is my absolute favourite colour to wear. Other than that, the black truly make the embroidery on the dress stand out.

While wearing a dress with embroidered flowers on it, it seemed especially appropriate to photograph it in a rose garden. The garden did look a little bare since it isn’t rose season until October/November here but the setting was still beautiful. There is something incredibly tranquil about a garden.


Motel via Superbalist

Links: White – Topshop and Motel itself.


DailyFriday via Superbalist

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Links: (I couldn’t find it or anything similar on the Zara website. I got it around May of last year.)

Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett

Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett

Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett


Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett


Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett

Embroidered Dress - Nadine Blewett