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Denim Dress - Nadine Blewett

These photos were actually taken quite a while ago but I forgot I had them. This is the outfit I wore on my birthday which was in January and since then I have been loving it.

On the day, I actually had plans to go to the beach but the weather wasn’t the ideal beach weather as I am sure the wind would have blown me away. Since those were my initial plans, I wanted my outfit to be casual but threw on a pair of heels when the plans became me heading to the mall on a plant pot hunt.

I bought this denim dress from the children’s department of MRP Fashion’s online store. I bought a matching one for my niece too; that was the actual purpose of me buying it. I didn’t think I would wear it much but I actually really enjoy wearing it, especially paired with heels.It is brilliant for summer since it is easy-waisted rather than being tight in my waist.

I will mention, though, if you plan on purchasing this dress and work according to the measurements provided on the size chart, rather size up. I originally bought a size 11-12 in this dress considering those are my measurements more-or-less according to the size chart and, while it fitted well on the top, it was slightly too short so I sent it back and ordered the 13-14 instead.

Denim Dress - Nadine Blewett

Denim Dress - Nadine Blewett


Denim Dress - Nadine Blewett

At this point a ton of guinea fowls came running up to me, hence my pointing.

All in all, I love this look. What is your go-to look in summer?

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