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What is a girly girl? - Nadine Blewett

This is probably one of the most random thoughts I have had this year so far; what makes someone girly?

I think many people view a person as girly when pink is somehow involved although what gets me thinking is the fact that I intensely dislike wearing- or having anything pink yet I consider myself to be girly. I wouldn’t say I am entirely obsessive about the maintenance of my nails, for example, yet it is something I care greatly about. I love dressing up, wearing heels and dresses and I adore make-up. Shopping is one of my favourite activities and I have an unhealthy addiction to buying handbags and shoes. (Well, it’s only unhealthy for my bank account, I suppose, since it makes me very happy.) I might be in all-black outfits 90% of the time but when I look at that list of my traits I see all the qualities which I would consider girly.

To be honest, I am not sure why I am against pink. When I see pink on others I find it beautiful yet I still don’t find it appealing for myself. What makes that brilliantly hilarious is the fact that I used to adore the colour. When I studied, all my notes would be made with a pretty pink pen and I would dot my I’s with hearts. I used to carry around pink lipglosses (another thing I have come to dislike with age) and bows were one of my favourite things in the world.

What is a girly girl? - Nadine Blewett

Somewhere around my fourteenth year in this world pink seemed to disappear from my life. I am not sure what changed in me other than a growing love for pink’s fiery sister; red. The only pink clothing I own now is pyjamas and a dress which I haven’t worn since my fourteenth birthday and is only in my cupboard at all since I am keeping it for my little niece.

I suppose it could be my slight stature which keeps me from enjoying pink. While pink can look very grown-up, I think that many people would take me less seriously if I wore pink. Many people already mistake me for a fourteen-year-old which is not something I enjoy considering I have had seven years to grow since being fourteen. I didn’t like myself much at that age… I would rather dress in colours such as black and navy than be mistook for a child who did not appreciate who she was. Black has become my powerhouse colour – I feel like I can take over the world when I wear it.

From me, here’s to being girly dressed in black and accessorised with a red lip.

What do you think makes someone girly? Do you think you are girly?