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Workout Routine – 2016

You might be familiar with this mischievous K-9 face if you read my last workout routine post. It feels like yesterday that I wrote that post but I was shocked to see that it was posted in 2014. I think it is definitely time for an update!

I am not going to lie and say that I have kept to that workout routine… I certainly went through a good few periods of utter laziness where I hardly exercised at all but with me attending a ball towards the end of this month I wanted to get back to exercising considering my dress is rather open. Although that was the main motivation to get into shape again I must say that every time I stop I never understand why because I feel amazing when I am being active. I just feel so alive.

Workout Routine – 2016

I will say that I think that the past two months is probably the longest I have been active without losing a step and going back into my old ways of stopping when I see results. I have been consistently following a yoga DVD called Yogalosophy. It is a yoga workout which is combined with regular toning exercises such as lunges and squats and, man, does it work! It really is a full body workout and I am absolutely in love with it. I try to do one of the workouts on the DVD at least four times a week. That does depend on my mood though especially considering it is an incredibly relaxing workout.

Sometimes I want a really fast-paced workout which is going to make me jump off walls when I am finished. For those moods the Nike Training Club app is still my favourite. I have been using it since I was 15 and it has never been uninstalled. I love how the workout choices are tailored to your abilities by giving you a choice between beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts. My favourite workouts are two from the intermediate category; Zoom in 5 and Ab Burner.


Workout Routine – 2016

Zoom in 5 is only five minutes but it is very fast paced and exhausting so I love it for when I feel like I need that quick burst of energy but I don’t feel like doing a long workout. To be honest, I never feel like doing long workouts though… This workout focuses on abs and legs.


Workout Routine – 2016

Ab burner is 15 minutes of brutal ab work and it has been a firm favourite for years! After only two consecutive days of doing that workout my stomach already looks more toned. When I was still doing ballet these workouts were my go-to workouts for after classes and they work wonders to tone up your figure. As someone who is ab- and leg obsessed, these workouts have my stamp of approval.


As for my running partner, she keeps me going like no tomorrow. You might remember that I used to take another border collie out with this monkey when I ran with her previously but I am sad to report that he is too old to run now. Even walking is a struggle for him at the moment.

As I do not have dogs of my own it is lovely for me to spend time around them especially since I am very much a dog lover. They can do no wrong. For example, I was wearing a white top the other day when I popped in to visit the dogs and since Jade got very excited to see me she jumped up on me with wet paws and stained my top. I was not even slightly angry especially considering that it only happened because she was happy to see me. I try to take her out running as often as possible between Tuesdays and Fridays. That will become more regular once our winter has disappeared entirely but it feels amazing to be running again as well. Running is one of my favourite forms of exercise. As you can probably tell, I love fast-paced workouts that energise me.

Lately my post-yoga routine is to put my music on really loudly and have a dance party for one. I think it is possibly the best feeling in the world just to let go when no one is around to see how insane you really are. I live for those moments. Please let me know if you would like to know what my workout playlist is!

What is your favourite form of exercise?

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