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Am I a shopaholic

I have always been an impulsive spender. If I saw something I liked and had the money for it I would buy it without considering what else I might need to buy before receiving more money. For that reason, I always thought of myself as a shopaholic but this month has forced me to question whether or not I am one.

I am attending a ball on the 23rd of this month which means a new dress and a host of spoils including having my hair and make-up done professionally on the day. Believe me, as someone with a fair amount of formal dances and one ball behind me, it can become a costly affair. While my mother shouldered most of the financial strain last year since I was still in school and not working, the costs fall on me this year and in preparation for the ball I needed to make sure that about two thirds of my salary of last month stayed in my account for the big day in order to pay for my hair and make-up.

This meant a month of limited shopping. I was worried at first because I know how impulsive I can be but I am proud to say that I have managed to fight temptation and still have over two thirds of my salary left. I won’t deny that I did do some unnecessary spending such as buying a new lipstick and a skirt but neither of these were major expenses and when making the purchases I fought the temptation to buy something else with them. That is what brings me back to my question of whether or not I really am a shopaholic. Was it just all in the mind?

I always made excuses for my excessive spending such as achieving something so I needed to spoil myself or using the fact that I am a beauty blogger as an excuse to spend insane amounts of money on cosmetics. If anything, this month has proved that I can be more than my spending and I can certainly put the brakes on it too if need be. I read an article a while ago about a blogger who went 60 days without shopping.  I really wanted to try it so I roped a friend in and we were supposed to stick to 60 days without unnecessary spending. I failed miserably in the first month already because I had somehow lost 3 kg and none of my trousers fit me anymore so I used that as an excuse and my spending spiralled out of control once I tasted the satisfaction of swiping my bank card and bringing a new item home.

I think that if I attempted to do the challenge now I would likely succeed considering how I have proved to myself that I can go a month without excessive, unnecessary spending. I do want to try again and I want to succeed.

Thank you to Asa from Lace & Pearls for linking that inspiring post on your page.

I ask again; am I a shopaholic? I think that I certainly was a shopaholic but in many ways taking responsibility for something has taught me that I don’t need to be a slave to the little luxuries in life. I still have a choice to walk away. Don’t get me wrong, I will always love shopping; I am just infinitely more responsible after this month.


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