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Four uses for Eight Hour Cream

I have been singing the praises of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream since before I even started blogging. It is a staple product which I have used nearly every day of my life since I was a young teenager so I thought I would share the four ways in which I use this iconic skincare product.

  1. A leave-on face mask/ night-time moisturiser

Four uses for Eight Hour Cream

I have incredibly dry skin. When I feel like my skin is in desperate need of a bit of a rescue, I make sure to properly cleanse my face and then right before getting into bed, I apply a thin layer of Eight Hour Cream all over my face as a moisturiser. I always wake up with my skin looking and feeling a million times healthier.

Eight Hour Cream is very rich though so I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you have oily skin. If you have combination skin I would stick to only applying it to dry patches. This little trick won’t disappoint if you do have any dryness.

  1. A hand treatment


This has become another evening ritual of mine. I apply the Eight Hour Cream all over my hands as I would with any other hand cream and sleep with cotton gloves on. I don’t remember where these particular gloves are from but you can find similar cotton gloves anywhere that sells products which you can pamper your hands with or, alternatively, a clean sock works just as well if you can’t find cotton gloves. When I do this my cuticles look better and my hands feel incredibly moisturised.

  1. A lip exfoliator


If I am in a hurry and I need to exfoliate my lips, I put some Eight Hour Cream on a cotton bud and swirl it over my lips. That is a trick I learned from watching Lisa Eldridge videos.

What I do more frequently, however, is I will put a dollop of Eight Hour Cream on my finger and dip that finger into some sugar. I run that over my lips and it works like a dream since you also have the benefit of the Eight Hour Cream moisturising your lips as you exfoliate with it.

  1. A Lip balm


Last but certainly not least, Eight Hour Cream is wonderful when used as a lip balm. This was the first thing I ever used it for and it made me fall in love with the product. My lips, like the rest of my skin, get incredibly dry so something as nourishing as Eight Hour Cream is very much needed especially considering how much I love matte lip products.

Do you have any ways of using Eight Hour Cream which I have not mentioned? I would love to know.