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My Current Favourite Online Shop

If you live in South Africa, you probably know of Mr Price. If you don’t live here and have no idea what I am talking about, Mr Price is a clothing, sports gear and homeware retailer here. They have separate stores for homeware, clothing and another shop for active wear and sports equipment. They are everywhere.

The reason they are so popular is because they are incredibly affordable. In fact, their prices are incredibly difficult to beat which makes it especially popular among young people. I will admit, I have been an online-shopping sceptic for years but I have taken a liking to the Mr Price online shop and I know I can happily tell all of you about it now as they have started shipping internationally.

This post is by no means sponsored by them but I have been really impressed with their service so I thought I would highlight a job well done. I am not particularly a fan of going to their shops. As you can imagine, due to their prices being almost laughable, their shops are incredibly busy to the point that if you plan on buying something you will have to set aside at least half an hour to wait in the check-out queue. For that reason, I took to their online store. What impressed me is that it is very well organised into different categories so you can easily find what you are looking for.

My Current Favourite Online Shop

With my last order, it didn’t arrive when they promised so I emailed customer service and within 20 minutes of emailing them I received a reply and they promised to get in touch with the courier company to find out what was going on. The following day, I was contacted by the courier company. I was really impressed with the fact that they made work of my issue rather than just sitting back and doing nothing as often happens when dealing with companies here.

Due to the prices, you might question the quality and, yes, there are sometimes mishaps but they have really stepped up over the last while and they are most certainly improving dramatically. Either way, no matter how much you pay for something, there are often flaws anyway. I especially love a brand they carry called Oakridge. The quality is wonderful and the clothing looks far more expensive than it actually is. I have been thoroughly impressed by the quality of that brand. I think their other brands have really improved dramatically as well and I would be happy to try more of their things from their other brands.

I also really appreciate that Mr Price often asks you to participate in a survey regarding their quality, the styles they have, the service of their shipping and they make an effort to find out who the majority of their customers are. What I like about that is that they actually show visible improvements in the stock they carry and their products are always very on trend.

They have just really impressed me and I will certainly be purchasing more from them very soon!