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Review: Catrice Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer

When my beloved Elizabeth Arden concealer met its demise I was on the hunt for a new product. I initially contemplated going the high-end route but I decided to see what the drugstore had to offer first. I spent ages watching and reading reviews online but the problem was that concealers which are raved about online are not available here in South Africa.

I looked everywhere where drugstore make-up is available here and products like the Maybelline Fit Me concealer and well-loved Rimmel concealers are nowhere to be found. After a long and frustrating search, I came across this Liquid Camouflage concealer from Catrice. I was nervous since I hadn’t read anything about it but the product description sounded promising and I decided that, considering how ridiculously affordable it is, it wouldn’t be a train smash if I didn’t like it.

The product description:

“Liquid, high coverage and ultra-longlasting concealer. Perfectly  camouflages under-eye circles, spots and even tattoos. Apply in small dabs and let dry well. Apply extra layers if needed. Waterproof. Dermatologically tested.”

My impressions:

  • It is definitely high coverage and a little goes a long way. As mentioned in the product description, it works best when applying it in small dabs, blending and then adding extra layers if needed. I would suggest not even using all the product which comes out when you remove the applicator from the tube for the first layer. It could look a bit cakey if you use a lot for the first layer.
  • It is quite long lasting.
  • It is waterproof, as promised. I actually tested this by applying it to my hand and letting water run over it for a minute. The concealer didn’t move or change in consistency whatsoever.
  • I was unsure about whether or not it would cover tattoos and as I don’t have any, I gave myself a tattoo. You do need to layer it but, yes, it does cover tattoos. It did cover my drawn-on tattoo, anyway…
  • It is good for sensitive skin.

The colour:

I purchased the second lightest shade; 020 – Light Beige. This is another thing which makes me nervous when purchasing products that are supposed to correct my skin but blend in with my own skin tone in the drugstore. The testers are often either non-existent since they have been used to death or they are tainted due to people applying it and getting other colours mixed into it somehow, however, this colour is a perfect match to my skin.

It isn’t too yellow, it isn’t too pink; Catrice Liquid Camouflage concealer is just the perfect neutral concealer which blends quite easily when applied in thinner layers.

The packaging:

The packaging is quite standard; it is a translucent plastic tube with a black plastic lid as most drugstore concealers are packaged. This packaging doesn’t feel ridiculously cheap though. It has a slight weight to it which I quite like. The shade name is on a sticker on the top of the lid as well on the barcode sticker on the side of the lid. I must say, the sticker on the top made it quite easy to find the shade I was looking for.

The verdict:

I am really impressed by this concealer. It definitely performs very well and, as someone with very sensitive skin, I am impressed that it didn’t cause a break-out especially since it is so affordable.

Would I repurchase this product:

Yes, I definitely would. I think it is a wonderful little drugstore gem and you can’t beat the price. Catrice has actually really been impressing me lately.