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The lip product addict tag

A little while ago, I saw this tag on Chanelle from Chanelle Hayley’s blog and I really enjoyed reading it. Since I certainly am a lip product addict I thought I would do the tag as well especially as a way to ease back into blogging.

The Questions:

What is your favourite lip balm or treatment?

I can’t live without Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream. I personally use the fragrance free. It is absolutely amazing! I don’t go to sleep without applying it, I very seldom leave the house without it and it is just a brilliant multi-purpose product. I even use it on my hands and face occasionally.

What is your favourite eye-catching red?

That would have to be MAT6 from Maybelline’s Bold Matte collection. It is the most beautiful, creamiest matte lipstick I have ever tried. Even though it looks matte on the lips, it feels like you have a cream lipstick on. You can wear it for hours on end and it just doesn’t dry your lips out and that is coming from someone who generally has incredibly dry lips. Other than that, it’s just such a beautiful, deep wine-like red. I highly recommend trying out that line from Maybelline.

Best luxury and drugstore product? Also, best MAC lipstick?

 On the luxury end of things, I would have to say Chanel lipsticks. They are just so beautiful. Each on that I have tried has just glided on and the she shape made application incredibly easy. Chanel is just a brilliant brand.

The drugstore product which I use the most would be Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate Moss in 45. (From the nude collection) All the Rimmel lipsticks I have tried from the Kate Moss line have been fantastic though. Number 45 is just the most perfect nude if you are as pale as I am with neutral undertones. Those brown nudes make me look sickly but this one is just the perfect balance between pink and brown. It gets an A+ from me.

This might come as a shock to you since so many beauty bloggers and vloggers swear by MAC lipsticks; I don’t own any at the moment. I have nothing against their lipsticks and would gladly purchase a MAC lipstick one day but I dislike all other MAC products since I end up with an awful patch of eczema on my face every time I use their products. They just aren’t good for sensitive skin. For that reason, and because the employees at MAC counters here are often unfriendly, I just haven’t felt the need to go buy a lipstick there. I would much rather spend that extra money at a Chanel counter and get a lipstick I know I will love with the bonus of brilliant service.

Most disappointing lip product?

I actually had to think of the answer to this for quite some time. I haven’t been disappointed in any lip products recently. All my disappointments come from before I even started blogging.

Back in the days when I still loved lipgloss, I bought an Essence lipgloss while I was on a bit of a spending spree. It was one of the glosses from their XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss range. If I recall correctly, the shade I have is called baby doll but I am not sure since when I bought mine the shade name was on a sticker on the lid which I took off. Anyway, I am rambling now. It is definitely long lasting, looks pretty on the lips and it is quite moisturising but it is the stickiest mess of a gloss I have ever come across in my life. If you can deal with stickiness then this definitely isn’t a terrible gloss but I hate the feeling of my slips sticking together.

I also really don’t like Yardley Supershine glosses. I used to own the shade ‘Rocking Red’ and it just goes everywhere including on your teeth. I bought it after seeing it look amazing on a model in a magazine but it was the biggest waste of money in the history of my spending money on make-up.

Lip liner: yes or no?

It depends on my mood. For the most part I just use a brush when applying a bold lipstick and I never use a liner when wearing a nude lip. I do sometimes use a liner if I feel like getting my lipstick to look 100% perfect, however.

Favourite lipgloss?

Even though I used to love lipgloss once upon a time, I currently intensely dislike it. I am a lipstick kind of girl. It looks so stunning on others but I just don’t like the way gloss looks on me so I never wear it.  I also have my ID photo to remind me of all the reasons I hate lipgloss on myself on a daily basis.

I had such fun answering these questions! If you are a lip product addict and you would like to do this tag, then I tag you! Also, check out Chanelle’s lip product tag.

Thank you so much for reading! What are your favourite lip products?


P.S I got a P.O Box as well now if you would like to write to me. I will add the address to my contact page.