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My top five fashion accounts on Instgram

Instagram is a glorious place. It has something for everyone. As a fashion lover as well as a fashion blogger, I follow a ton of fashion-related accounts so I thought I would share my five favourite bloggers to follow on Instagram.

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All the laces ✨

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Rumi Neely somehow makes extremely basic casual pieces look amazing, she makes wearing boots with shorts seem like they were meant to be worn that way and she makes not wearing a bra fashionable again. As someone who hates wearing bras and loves wearing casual pieces, she is everything I could look for in a modern fashion icon.


If someone asked me which famous blogger I admire most my answer would be Kristina Bazan. She has similar taste in clothing to me so I was bound to like her anyway but, other than that, she has made a tremendous success of herself. While all the bloggers on this list have made a huge success of themselves too, I identify the most with Kristina’s success since she is only four years older than I am. Yes, at 22 (23 in October) she is a spokes-model for L’Oréal and has been known to collaborate with many high-end designer brands.

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While Chiara Ferragni’s fashion sense is very different from mine, she has this ability to throw absolutely anything together and it looks good. That is something I really admire as it shows she has a natural feel for fashion.


Jenny Bernheim’s style is the epitome of elegance. If I had to describe her, I would say she is a modern day Audrey Hepburn. The photography on her account is also mesmerising!


If you ever need inspiration when deciding what to wear to work, Wendy Nguyen’s account is the one to look up. Her outfits are always effortlessly chic and she often pairs monochrome outfits with a pop of colour. If you have been following my blog for a while, you most likely know that is something I quite enjoy doing.

That is my round-up of my five favourite fashion accounts on Instagram. What are yours?