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I answer more of your questions in this week’s Tea with Nadine.

The bloggers mentioned:

Due to me rambling on far too much my camera cut out without me realising as I was about to read the third question and I didn’t have time to fix it as I had an appointment with my dressmaker. For that reason, I shall answer it in writing.

Alex from Alex Raphael said, “I’d be curious to know what your favourite shops are, what kind of clothes your family buys you and what item of clothing you like buying most.”

My answer:

On top of the list of my favourite shops would have to be Zara. Their clothing is 100% my style so every time I go in there I want just about everything I see, however, Zara is rather expensive here so I don’t buy clothing there very often. On the more budget friendly side of things, I love Cotton On. Since I am petite I sometimes find it difficult to find clothing that fits properly short of shopping in the children’s section but Cotton On’s clothing actually fits me for the most part.

As for the clothing my family buys for me; they don’t buy clothing for me anymore. Since I started working I just buy anything I feel the need to have.

Shopping for clothing isn’t what really gives me an adrenaline rush while shopping. What really gets my heart racing is shoe- and handbag shopping. If it had to be a clothing item, though, I would probably have to say shopping for blazers. I absolutely LOVE blazers.

I am going to include some photos of places I love in Cape Town for Mil and anyone else who might be curious after my enthusiastic and rambling answers to Mil’s questions:

Tea with Nadine: Part 5


Tea with Nadine: Part 5

Clifton 1st beach

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

View from on top of Lion’s Head

Also from on top of Lion's Head

Also from on top of Lion’s Head

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

Clock tower at the V & A Waterfront

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

View over the waterfront from inside the Cape Wheel

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

Swing-bridge at the V & A Waterfront

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

Monument at Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery

Tea with Nadine: Part 5

Trees at the entrance to Rust-en-Vrede Art Gallery and café