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NB Publishers Event

In the beginning of March, I was lucky enough to be invited an event NB Publishers was hosting to introduce new products they had launched.

Although the event was more aimed at educators, the event was hosted at a beautiful local wine farm called D’Aria. This meant I had an excuse to dress up a bit which delighted me since I was having one of those living-in-tracksuit-pants kind of weeks. The venue was absolutely beautiful and the food was wonderful too. The event even boasted a performance by a very talented magician who had everyone in stitches.

Other than that, I ran into someone I knew from my high school days. It’s always lovely to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in a while especially when it just so happens they are studying in the direction you want to go in.

I planned on wearing a dress I had in my cupboard but the night before the event I just wasn’t feeling great about wearing any of the dresses I already owned. I had, however, accepted that would be the case until I came across this blue lace dress in a shop I would never even have thought to look for something in. It’s very affordable and I often associated their low price-tags with poor design and lack of quality but I went in there to kill some time and I was pleasantly surprised to find a dress which reminded me of my matric ball dress. (If you missed my Cinderella post, click the link to see which dress I am talking about.)

Although it is a bit longer than I would normally appreciate in a dress, I decided I would make it work anyway because the dress fitted impeccably. In the end, I quite liked the effect the length had.

NB Publishers Event



NB Publishers Event

NB Publishers Event

NB Publishers Event

P.S Excuse if the pictures aren’t 100% clear. Some silly rascal (yes, me!) forgot to take the camera so these are all cellphone photos.