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Tea with Nadine

I mentioned in my I’ve Been Gone article that I was planning to do a series of articles to get all you lovely readers caught up on everything which has happened in my life during my five month absence. That gave me the idea to turn these ‘catch-up’ posts into a weekly discussion.

I decided to call this series ‘Tea with Nadine’ since I want it to be a very casual, comfortable corner of the internet as you would feel sitting somewhere homely having tea with a friend. In these posts, I will discuss a few matters which have been on my mind during that week. What I want is for the comments on these posts to be a discussion among friends and for it to be a place where you can talk about anything which has your mind in a twist as well as contribute to the points I mention. It doesn’t matter if what has you rattled relates to my topic of discussion of that week… If you feel like talking about it, use these posts to speak out and I will be a listening ear. It also doesn’t necessarily need to be something that is bothering you. It could even be something really special you heard of (Even if it’s the latest beauty chatter.) or something you would like to ask me.

If you don’t have a WordPress account and want to contribute by bringing up a topic then feel free to contact me by means of social media or email. (All that information can be found on my contact page.)

Lately I have realised how important it is to speak about what you are feeling even if it’s just a thought about something most would find insignificant. It just makes you feel much lighter. There will be some serious topics, I have no doubt, but I definitely want to share lovely stories with you and there will definitely be humorous ones too. Whether the topic is happy or heavy, it’s always lovely to have someone to discuss your emotions with and I can’t imagine it’s possible to have a better community to share them with.

Get your comfortable clothing ready, puff up your favourite pillow, boil the kettle and join me for tea. I look forward to spending that time with you! From now on, Fridays are for tea dates.