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Essence the gel nail polish in 53 - Rock my world!

I was in a local pharmacy a few days ago looking for a versatile nail colour that was neutral but still quite dark. I came across this Essence the gel nail polish in 53 – rock my world! and I was sold.

Essence the gel nail polish - 53 - Rock my world!

I have always been a huge fan of the Essence nail polish range as they are affordable, have a brilliant selection and are generally really lovely quality. This nail polish is no exception to Essence’s trademark quality products at an affordable price.

This is my current favourite nail polish and that says a lot considering I am someone who tends to go straight back to a sheer pink only days after applying a colour polish. What really impresses me about this Essence nail polish is how well it lasts on the nails. I have been wearing this colour for over two weeks now and although I did take it off and reapply it twice, it was because my nails grow incredibly fast and you could see far too much clean nail by my cuticles as well as subtle signs of wear on the tips when I used my nails to open thing, etc.

Essence Rock my world! also looks amazing with gold rings which I discovered after a suggestion from a genius friend!

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