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Dairy free date smoothie

I was inspired to make this smoothie by my dear friend and Instagram food blogger; Samah. I was intrigued since she told me about a similar smoothie she had in a restaurant so I decided I wanted to attempt making a dairy free version especially considering its simplicity with only three ingredients.

Dairy free date smoothie

Serves 1 person.


  • Approximately 125 g of dates. (I didn’t measure accurately… I just put about half a 250 g bag of dates in the blender.)
  • 250 ml of coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon of honey


  • Pour the coconut milk into the blender
  • Add the dates
  • Add the honey
  • Blend

This smoothie tastes amazing! It’s not only healthy but it also tastes like those dates squares with coconut shaving on top in liquid form. I can honestly recommend it. Enjoy!

P.S Thank you to Samah for inspiring me.