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A New Addition to My Bag Collection

This morning my mom woke me before she left for work saying that she has a little present for me. Considering I was only half awake and not entirely conscious, when I woke up again I thought I had actually dreamed that she said that but there really was a wrapped gift and the latest issue of the Elle magazine next to me.

A New Addition to My Bag Collection

I opened the gift to find this bag which I have actually been lusting over since before Christmas. Little did I know that my mom had bought it for me at that time already and just kept it.

I was so ecstatic to see it because I am really loving this sophisticated almost business-like style in handbags at the moment. I love the structure and what I particularly love about this bag is that it is tn and black so I will be able to wear it with so many more outfits. For example, I could use it with colour, with black or even neutral colours and it won’t look harsh.

A New Addition to My Bag Collection

I loveΒ bags which have long straps and short straps. I think it makes them so much more versatile. For example, if I was wearing a shorter dress that is quite flared,Β carrying a bag with only a long strap could potentially pull the dress up a bit which is where the shorter strap comes in handy. The longer strap is lovely for if you are out and don’t really want to worry about carrying your bag in your hands. You could use them as a cross-body bag or even just throw it over your shoulder.

I adore the simple detailing on this handbag. It’s definitely something that will be with me for years.

I can’t wait to make use of it!