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Nails: Nude Sparkle

Since I received a glitter nail polish as part of one of my Christmas presents, I decided to be a little bit adventurous and tailor my nail-look to the glitter.

Nails: Nude Sparkle

Although this look might not seem in the least bit adventurous to most people, I have quite the habit of sticking to the classics and light colours on their own such as French manicures, clear polishes, a classic red or a nude. That is pretty much a list of everything I normally wear on my nails and none of them include glitter so this was a tiny step out of my comfort zone.

The Products:

Nails: Nude Sparkle

  • Essence Colour & Go in 103 – Space Queen
  • Essence Nude Glam in 01 – Hazelnut Cream Pie

I first painted the nude colour over all my nails and left it to dry before adding the glitter polish to my “chosen” nails. It just added that bit of sparkle without being too overboard.

Hazelnut Cream Pie is my favourite nude nail polish. I started using it in my first year of high school, I think and I have repurchased it so many times because the colour is just so pretty. I actually need to get a new one now since this one has gone a little sticky from age. Just a quick tip for if a nail polish you really want to use is thick, pour some of a clear nail polish into the bottle of the polish you want to use, shake it and then it generally works.