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A Mini Shopping Haul

I spent a little bit too much money yesterday. I have a tradition where I buy myself a new dress every year to wear on Christmas so I went in search of something to wear but I came out with bags of things along with a new outfit to wear on Christmas day.

Most of the things I bought are Christmas presents so I won’t be showing that. Also, I bought two make-up brushes for myself but I forgot to photograph them when I still had a decent amount of natural light so I decided to discuss them in a later post once I have actually tried them and I will discuss the outfit I bought today.

A Mini Shopping Haul

I always buy dresses for my Christmas tradition but this year every dress that I loved was either too expensive or the fit was just horrible. Is it only me who is struggling with sizes at the moment or is it a general thing? I normally wear a UK size 6 (which is a US size 2, if I am not mistaken) and in the very same shop this one item which was my usual size was too small to even go on properly and another item which was the exact same size was far too big on me.

After much struggle, I walked into a shop I never go into since their style of clothing seldom suits the type of things I like and I stumbled upon this jumpsuit. I fell in love immediately, but again, the size 6 didn’t fit. I was feeling a little disheartened but my mom went to fetch an 8 and I was so happy with how comfortable it was. The straps will need to be made a bit shorter but that’s a small price to pay for something so comfortable that I will get a lot of use out of. The fabric is very thin and light. It feels like it could be chiffon which is a brilliant fabric to wear in the summer heat and I will be able to dress it up or down.

A Mini Shopping Haul

What caught my eye was this sheer detailing at the top of it. I think it just adds that extra-something to an otherwise simple piece of clothing. It’s exactly my style and black and white look so sophisticated when they are together.

A Mini Shopping Haul

I wasn’t planning on getting shoes too but I really liked these when I saw them. Flat shoes are a really good idea right now as well. On Christmas day last year I attempted to wear heels but I took them off after five minutes because it was too hot ( It must have been at least 32ยฐC)ย so my feet swelled which made wearing them painful. These sandals will match perfectly with my jumpsuit, they are comfortable and they are quite pretty in their own understated way.

All in all, I am very happy with the things I bought on my shopping trip and I am especially happy with my outfit for Christmas day.