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My November/ December Favourites

It seemed a little late to only list my November favourites so I thought I would combine my November favourites with a few things I have been loving up to now and then do a separate December favourites at the end of December.

Elizabeth Arden Fragrance Free Eight Hour Cream

My November/ December Favourites

I have raved on about this product many times including in my posts about my favourite lip products and another post about skincare in the warmer months and I will sing its praises once again. I absolutely love it! I actually purchased this particular bottle on Sunday since I had finished the one I was previously using. I have been using it a few times in a day at the moment and I honestly can’t get enough of it. It truly is a miracle product. My lips feel so much smoother. I also have quite the terrible habit of pulling skins off from my cuticles which can be quite painful and it felt much better and healed quickly after I applied Eight Hour Cream to it.

Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

My November/ December Favourites

I have a healthy (Maybe slightly unhealthy) obsession with perfumes. I received this sample of Black Opium in an issue of the Elle Magazine a little while ago and I have fallen absolutely in love with it.

The explanation of the fragrance says, “When the electrifying energy of black coffee meets the assertive femininity of white flowers. A vibrant, sensual and addictive contrast of light and dark. Black coffee accord – Orange blossom – Cedarwood – Patchouli”

If you have ever smelled Calvin Klein’s Euphoria and loved it, then it’s quite likely that you will like this fragrance too. I have really been enjoying these deep fragrances lately. They make me feel so confident when I am wearing them. I find that on my skin the YSL and Calvin Klein perfumes that I am so deeply in love with take on a very subtle undertone of vanilla which I have really been enjoying so very much.

It’s quite ironic since I used to love very fresh, summery type scents.

Essence 6 in 1 Buffer File

My November/ December Favourites

Essence has a wonderful range of nail tools and polishes. My brother bought this file (Essence appears to have changed the design a bit) for me as part of my Christmas present last year and I have loved it ever since. I have particularly been using it a lot lately. I was challenged by a friend who knows how much I dislike long nails to keep my nails long until I go back to school in the middle of January. Since I know that if I bring a nail clipper anywhere close to them I will give in and cut them short, this file has been an absolute life saver. It also gives your nails a lovely shine when you use the buffing sides.

Essence Nail Candies in 04 – Sweets for the Sweet 

My November/ December Favourites

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I really love having neutral colours on my nails. I was curious about the Nail Candies when I first saw them in the shops. I have been quite fond of Essence’s products for a while so I decided to try them. The bottle claims that the polish has six benefits which include hardening, protecting ridge filling, fast drying and fruity scented with a high gloss finish.

The definitely do harden, protect, dry fast and smell lovely. As far as the high gloss finish is concerned, I find that they do definitely contain a fine glitter but as you can see in the picture above, they add a subtle shine rather than a high gloss shine which I honestly prefer, actually. I have really been enjoying this one quite a lot. I think I will try some of the other colours too at some stage. I also like using this as a base coat if I do happen to wear a dark colour on my nails. My nail polish seems to last longer without chipping and I do find that the Nail Candies have a tendency to last better on the nails in general than Essence’s other nail polishes.

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cleanse Gel

My November/ December Favourites

I am not generally a fan of hand sanitizers since I have dry skin (They tend to dry it out further) and because I can’t stand that strong disinfectant smell that hand sanitizers generally have.

This one, however, doesn’t dry out my hands and it also doesn’t smell close to a hand sanitizer’s normal smell. The coconut smell reminds me of summer and I think that if I was in a room where someone had used it and I didn’t know any better I would think that it was the smell of a hand or body lotion rather than a disinfectant. I really enjoy this product.

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in 01 – Coral Calling

My November/ December Favourites

I have really been enjoying wearing a more ‘statement’ lip lately. This colour has become one of my go-to colours when I want something bolder.

Typo Pens

My November/ December Favourites

I love stationary and gel pens are definitely somewhere on the top of my ‘favourite stationary’ list. I found these pens in a shop called Typo which sells lots of amazing stationary and gifts. I absolutely love them. They are very fine, they are gel and they are also very light to hold so your wrist doesn’t get sore as quickly if you are writing a lot.

Unfortunately, I used them both far too much so I couldn’t sample them now but here is an example of where I used them. Excuse my messy handwriting. It doesn’t always look that awful although it is the case more often than not. I will have to go buy more of these pens.

Polka-dot Dress

My November/ December Favourites

I have had this dress for ages but I have recently been wearing it so often again. It’s the perfect dress on a warm summer’s day to just throw on and you will be extremely comfortable. The fabric is very light and the dress as a whole is very flattering and it is so comfortable that it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing anything when you have it on but it still looks incredibly classy. It’s definitely a favourite.

Also, I have managed to wear it in winter too once. I attended a party for which the dress code was semi-formal and black and white in July of last year. I teamed this dress with a blazer, tights and heels.

My November/ December Favourites