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Skincare in the Warmer Months

Considering the amount of time I have been spending in the warm sun lately I started to think about how negligent I am with my skin sometimes and how I should be treating it in these summer months.

I am incredibly blessed to have a very healthy skin. I seldom have spots at all and if I do I never have more than two at a time. For that reason, I forget to look after my skin as I should. I also have a dry skin so I sometimes even forget to wash it in a day which is utterly ridiculous because I should definitely be treating it with more respect especially when I am out in the harsh sun.

Skincare in the Warmer Months

The products I have here are BioNike Defence Sun 50+ Very High Protection Sun Lotion and Annique Green Rooibos Safe-in-the-Sun SPF 30. The reason I have pictured both is because I alternate between the two. They are both incredibly brilliant and neither of them have that definite sunblock smell which is a smell I really don’t like. Every time I am out in the sun with my friends they always burn and I don’t. The only difference is that I don’t use the same sunblocks as them so I know they are brilliant.

Sunblock is incredibly important. I cannot stress that enough. The sun is very damaging on the skin no matter what your complexion is and it should be part of an everyday routine in warmer months especially. The sun is still damaging in winter too though so sunblock is still important then. Also, wind and cold also damages our skin and sunblock also protects against that damage.

I, in particular, have a very light complexion so I burn quite easily and, honestly, the biggest wake-up call for me must have been in my first year of high school. We had an athletics day and since I hate athletics, I was armed with a letter excusing me from the events. Still, I had to move around with my team and I had left my sunblock at home thinking I would be allowed to stay on the pavilion since I wasn’t taking part but I had to move around with my team. I burnt so badly that day. I had blisters on my face which eventually started peeling, my shoulders were burnt and peeling, my legs which absolutely never burn were burnt and even my feet, which had a perfect shoe tan (gladiator sandals) were burnt and did eventually peel too along with the rest of my body. As hideous as that mental image is, it was a healthy way for me to learn to start wearing sunblock.

Admittedly, I do still forget quite often but I make an effort to remember if I know I am going to be outside and I have become a lot better at it.

Skincare in the Warmer Months

This is Everysun Everyday Cool Aftersun Gel which soothes sunburned skin and prevents peeling. Although it works very well and does what it says on the tube, I am not particularly a big fan of this product. It feels very sticky which I don’t enjoy and it has a strong smell but it happens to be the one that’s in the house and it does the job perfectly.

An after-sun product is very important for the restoration of your skin after a day in the sun and this product has added vitamin E which protects and repairs the skin.

Could anyone recommend an after-sun product that doesn’t feel sticky or have a strong smell?

Skincare in the Warmer Months

Moisturising your skin after sun exposure is another thing that is extremely important because the heat can parch your skin.

I specifically like using vitamin A and E enriched products. I have pictured Innoxa One and All Nourish: Body Cream and Epizone E and A from Van Dyk Pharmeceutical Products above.

I always knew that vitamins E and A are incredibly good for the skin but I wasn’t exactly sure why so I researched it and it all makes so much sense why these products work so well. Vitamin E protects and repairs skin since it is an antioxidant. ‘Antioxidant’ is a word we hear so often but few of us truly know why they are so good for us. Without going too in depth with the chemistry of the neautrilisation reaction, antioxidants neautralise the effects of free radicals which are molecules that inhibit collagen production, cause dryness and signs of aging such as wrinkles, for example.

Vitamin A, on the other hand, thickens and provides a stimulus to the dermis. (The layer of skin just beneath the surface layer) The dermis is home to collagen production, a protein called elastin in the connective tissue which restores shape to body tissues after they have stretched or contracted due to its elasticity and it is also home to blood vessels. For those reasons, it increases the production of collagen, reduces the breakdown of collagen and elastin from the natural aging process, reduces wrinkles and increases blood flow to the skin’s surface.

Epizone E, in particular, I started using as a baby since my skin was even more sensitive then than it is now. I particularly used it in the bath as a wash which is another use for it. It’s quite oily though so I use it at night on my hands with cotton gloves on so I don’t get an oily mess everywhere. I generally use Epizone A during the day time since it is really moisturising and it isn’t oily. I used to use the Innoxa cream a lot but I haven’t used it very much lately. I am not sure why I stopped. It’s a really good cream.

Skincare in the Warmer Months

Finally, my favourite product out of all of these mentioned, Elizabeth Arden’s famous Eight Hour Cream. I first tried this product as a sample in an Elle Magazine (This was the original though) which lasted me all the way to now even though I was using the sample regularly. On Sunday, I purchased the fragrance free version. This product is really worth every single bit of good publicity it gets. The only thing I didn’t like about the original one, which I received as a sample, was the smell which smelled quite like a herb garden and I don’t like that smell. (I am very particular when it comes to smells of products) The fragrance free version and the original are exactly the same, as far as I can tell other than the lack of the herb-like smell in the fragrance free which makes this product absolutely perfect for me.

Eight Hour Cream has so many uses. I particularly use mine on my lips since they get quite dry from time to time and it moisturises beautifully. It’s also brilliant on wounds and bug bites, I find. (Especially when mosquitoes decide to pay you a visit)

This is definitely a product I will forever sing the praises of.

Skincare in the Warmer Months