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Getting Summer Ready

With summer approaching quickly here, in Cape Town, I put together a few beach outfits for those warm days spent in the sun.

Getting Summer Ready

I have been in the market for a new bikini for a while since the one I had no longer suited my style or personality. I found this one a few days ago and it fits so well. I also love how classic the bikini is. I know I won’t grow out of this style which is reassuring because I waste a lot of money on things that I like at the time and don’t suit my style a few months later.

These shorts are probably my favourite pair of shorts I own. They are high-waisted, the material feels amazing and they are so comfortable. It hardly feels like you are wearing shorts at all because they are so comfortable. They were also a really good price. I found them on a sale in Forever New.Β It wasn’t just any sale though. There was a drastic price difference. I think they were originally R 399, 99 and they were marked down R 149, 99 which is an absolute bargain especially considering the lovely quality of Forever New’s clothing.

A good example of the quality would be a beautiful alpaca wool cape I bought from there probably nearly three years ago. I wear it so often in winter because it is so warm and I love the look of it and it still looks as it looked the day I bought it.

Getting Summer Ready

Here I just paired the bikini with another pair of high-waisted shorts. The reason I love high-waisted things so much is that they fit nicely around my body. I struggle to find bottoms which sit on my hips that actually fit me.

I also added two lip products that are essentials to me and will definitely be travelling with me at all times this summer. They are Maybelline Babylips in Cherry Me and Softlips in the Raspberry flavour.

Getting Summer Ready

For me, having a full swimming costume is essential too. I like to use it when I go to the beach because then there is hardly any room for mishaps and I can do whatever I want without having to worry. Another thing I enjoy about one-piece swimsuits is that you don’t need to cover the top part of your body if you go to a restaurant after going to the beach, for example. If you just throw on a skirt or a pair of shorts then you are set and it acts as a top.

These shorts are so comfortable. They are actually one of my pairs of running shorts but I like wearing them quite often even if I am not running. I bought these at Cotton On which is honestly one of my favourite clothing stores at the moment.

Included in this picture is BioNike Defence Sun 50 + very high protection sun lotion. This one is particularly for sensitive skins and I find it to be an amazing sun screen. Whenever I go to the beach or am out in the sun with my friends, I will be the only one who isn’t sunburned and the only difference is that I used a different sunblock. BioNike in general has lovely products and they are aimed at people with sensitive skins. I am not going to go on a tangent about how important sun protection is. That I might do in another post but I will mention that our skin is our largest organ and should be protected.

Getting Summer Ready

These shorts might seem like an unlikely pairing but I actually quite enjoy wearing them with this swimming costume. It’s an odd combination because of the colours but it works for some reason. These shorts, in particular, were mentioned in one of my outfit posts.

Getting Summer Ready

Here is a picture of this swimming costume with the burgundy polka-dot shorts from the days my hair was still long.