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Nail Care Routine

I mentioned in my outfit post yesterday that the unusual happened and I stepped out of the house without a hint of nail polish on. Since my nails are back to their normal, painted selves today, I thought I would briefly discuss the routine I follow with my nails.

I my nails are seldom as long as they are at the moment. I actually really don’t like long nails. I find them to be quite irritating, particularly when I type but I can’t be bothered to cut them at the moment. When they are this long, however, I tend to file them just to keep them in a relatively neat shape.

My usual routine will consist of me repainting my nails once a week. I use relatively shear nail polishes on a general basis since I am actually only allowed to wear clear nail polish to school. Neither of the two nail polishes I use are completely clear but I haven’t been reprimanded yet.

My go-to nail polishes at the moment are Essence nail candies in number 04 – sweets for the sweet and Essence colour & go in number 104 – sweet as candy.

I use ‘sweet as candy’ when I do a French manicure on my nails as well. It’s the perfect colour, both these polishes are extremely affordable and they apply so nicely.

Once a month, I will file and buff my nails properly just to give them that little bit of extra care.

I don’t like spending excessive amounts of time on my nails but I love it when they look like I actually spend time on them. I seldom spend more than ten minutes in total on them in a week.