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Monocrome with a Hint of Red

Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn’t decide what to wear. There were piles upon piles of clothes spread out on my bed and my shoes were all over the floor but I had to make a decision since I needed to make a trip to a shopping centre close by. I decided to stick to the basics with little twists.

Monocrome with a Hint of Red

These classic suit trousers were updated with their skinny-cut legs and the faux-leather detailing on the pockets.

Monocrome with a Hint of Red

I have come to realise that when in doubt the best thing to do is to style your outfit around some of your favourite pieces. In this case, I styled my outfit around my favourite handbag.

I initially planned on wearing black shoes but, by using my handbag as a reference, I was inspired to wear red shoes which just added something different to my outfit that would have been very plain otherwise. Having those pieces you love as “comfort pieces” really aids in giving you the confidence to take risks with other parts of the outfit.

Monocrome with a Hint of Red

I really wanted to take these photos outside yesterday. The lighting is just so much better and it’s a lot easier to not look awfully posed, however, the wind was extremely unpleasant yesterday. It sounded like it was going to take a roof off which is why the location of these photos is different to my usual outfit posts.

Monocrome with a Hint of Red

Another thing that is different is that I have been wearing my glasses more often. The reason for that is that the tear film of my eye was slightly disrupted due to dryness so it was prone to irritation. For that reason, my optometrist recommended that I use one day trial contact lenses for a little while just to give my eyes a break from the solution used to clean the lenses.

However, I had an allergic reaction to the solution the trial lenses were stored in and my eyes have been extremely sensitive since then and I haven’t been able to wear my contact lenses.

Hopefully that will return to normal soon. I am missing my jogging terribly.