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100 Beautiful Followers

I have reached another milestone in my blogging adventures! As of last night, I have 100 followers.

I am so ecstatic to have reached this point so soon into starting my blog. On the way here, I was told I was setting myself up for failure with the way I intended to handle things with my blog. Honestly, I think I have succeeded.

There will always be someone with more followers than I do but no amount of followers can rival how special the people I have met on here are. I have received endless amounts of support from the lovely people in this community.

Again, I posted a video to celebrate the milestone as I did with my ’50 Followers’ post. You can watch it here.

To avoid any difficulties, however, I am going to say what I say in the video here too.

I was trying to think of a special type of post to do to celebrate having 100 followers but then I came to the conclusion that, since I am celebrating my wonderful followers, why not ask them for ideas?

If there is any specific kind of post you would like me to do in celebration of 100 followers or if you just have any ideas in general, please let me know in the comments, email me or contact me via email. All the links as well as my contact information are listed under my social media tab.

Please don’t forget to include your blog’s link if you contact me so that I can give you credit if I use your idea.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been visiting my blog and supporting me. You are the reason I stay here and post articles. You keep me motivated, inspired and you keep the smile on my face constant which I really, deeply appreciate.