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Behind the Blog with Karen of Confetti & Curves

I feel so honoured to be the first blogger featured in Behind the Blog on Confetti & Curves by Karen Rees.

I have added links to her page as well as what Behind the Blog is all about above. You can read my interview there too. (Which is linked) I am also extremely sure that you will stay to read many more of her articles other than the interview and follow her while you are there. She honestly has the most interesting, well thought-out and helpful articles.

Karen has been so extremely supportive of me from day one. I forever get the most encouraging comments from her which always put a huge smile on my face and make my day. She is such a friendly person and an amazing blogger.

I always find myself specifically looking for her articles or just paying her blog a visit and reading older articles.

Whenever I look at my statistics, I see Karen’s blog-name and her name everywhere. She is my top commenter and I often see that her page is the referring page of a visit to my site so I know as a fact that she has played a huge role in how successful my blog has been thus far.

It is people like Karen who keep me motivated to work hard on this blog and continue writing articles.

Please pay her blog a visit and show her the love she deserves for being such a lovely person.

Thank you so much for making my blogging adventures special, Karen! Xx