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The Benefits of Writing in a Journal

I am a bit of a stationery hoarder. This is particularly the case when it comes to pretty notebooks.

As someone who really enjoys writing, notebooks are another one of my escapes, so to speak. For that reason, I keep journals.Β These three notebooks pictured above are just the journals I have had over the past two years. I go through quite a few of these.

I have never completed a journal, however. To reflect on past mistakes and how much I have grown mentally and emotionally, I will often go back and read past entries into my journal. This often lends me so much clarity when I need to make a difficult decision or one that I don’t feel I am aptly equip to make. Whenever I look back on past entries and feel like the person who wrote the entry and the person reading it aren’t the same person, I will start a new journal as it is symbolic to the start to a new chapter in my life which helps me to move on from one thing to another.

I believe that seeing your personal growth in print is an excellent way to grow even further.

Very often, reading back on my memories and the silly things I have done also provides me with a brilliant laugh. It is honestly one of the best cures to when I am not feeling quite like myself.

This may seem crazy to say since I am only seventeen but another line of thinking of mine is that one day, if I ever have a daughter of my own and I feel she is old enough to understand what I was saying and could benefit from my journals, I will give them to her with the hope that she can benefit from my ramblings and analogies. I honestly spend quite a bit of time contemplating my future.

The thing about memories is that some of them will eventually become murky images. In a journal they will live on forever and as someone who is sentimental, that is very important to me.

Writing down your feelings can be incredibly therapeutic.