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A Make-up Look to for A New Lipstick

There is a new addition to my lipstick collection and, yet again, it is another one of Essence’s products.

This lipstick is their Longlasting Lipstick in number 04- On The Catwalk.

A Make-up Look to for A New Lipstick

I am such a huge fan of Essence. Their products are so budget friendly and the quality is wonderful especially considering you won’t break the bank purchasing them. I used very few products to create this look as I specifically wanted something that was simple and came off easily.

My eyes:

I wanted it to look like my liner was just an extension of my lash line so I attempted lining very close to my lashes. For this I used Essence Waterproof Eyeliner Pen and I used Revlon’s Photoready 3D Volume mascara on my lashes.

My skin:

A Make-up Look to for A New Lipstick

I only moisturised my skin for this look. I didn’t feel like wearing much make-up and my skin was looking particularly even. This Alcare aloe moisturiser is a product I have been using on and off since I was about thirteen years old. It is a proudly South African product, it’s affordable and it makes my skin feel wonderful when I use it. Because it is fragrance free, it is also really kind to sensitive skin types.

The reason I use a night cream during the day too is because I really love the consistency of the night cream. I usually just make sure that I wear sun-block over it during the day. I know I forgot on this day though.

My eyebrows:

Essence Eyebrow designer in Dark Brown


Essence Longlasting lipstick in 04- On The Catwalk

A Make-up Look to for A New Lipstick

And a selfie… just because why not. For the complete outfit look and a tutorial on the way I styled my hair in this post, see my outfit post on styling a classic black dress and my tutorial on creating a ballet bun.

A Make-up Look to for A New Lipstick