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My exam fitness rountine

This red-faced version of me was photographed a few days ago while on my jog. As I mentioned in my destressing article, exercise is quite essential for me to stay sane during a stressful time.

I was writing a biology exam the following day and I felt like I needed to clear my head. Since then, I have kept to a routine in order to keep myself feeling my best and being able to think clearlyΒ while I write my exams.

Cardio is the most important part in this for me. I try to go for a jog as often as life will accommodate which, at the moment, is approximately three times a week. Since it isn’t always very easy for me to just go for a jog, I incorporate dancing which is something I do every single day without fail. I will put my earphones in, turn up the volume of my music and dance around the house as if there is no tomorrow. I usually end up running or dancing up and down the stairs and jumping around the house which, of course, is an amazing and exhilarating cardio workout.

For both the dancing and jogging, I find that the music is extremely important. A song can either make or break your workout, in my opinion, so what I do is I make a playlist that only consists of songs that I know will make me want to run faster or get up and dance until I can’t breathe. If you are as unfit as I am and you want to start jogging, don’t think you have to run your entire route on the first try. Gaining endurance takes quite a while, sore muscles and a lot of patience. It can be just as beneficial to alternate between running and walking to catch your breath. That again, though, is where the music plays such an important role for me. It spurs me on and gets me going and whenever a chorus kicks in, I force myself to run faster to keep up with the chorus and I feel amazing when I look back and realise I got a lot further than I thought I would.

Other than my cardio routine, I use the Nike Training Club app on my phone. It’s honestly amazing and the results come so fast. A friend recommended it to me a while ago and I have loved it ever since. They have such a wide variety of workouts and they have one for every fitness level too.

I am not one for long workouts. I would much rather do a short, high intensity workout than do a half an hour workout at a lower intensity. For that reason, I love the focus workouts on the app. One that I have used specifically for ages, even in my ballet days, is their Ab Burner workout. It is a fifteen minute workout which is specifically designed to really target the abs and it most certainly does. At the moment, I pair the Ab Burner workout with their Zoom in 5 workout which is a five minute workout which targets the legs and the abs. Don’t be fooled by how short it is though. I always feel like I have run a marathon after completing it. I specifically love it for if I am very short on time and really feel the need to exercise.

I am by no means an expert on exercise. These are just the exercises I find really work for me and that I love.

My exam fitness rountine