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Although some people have hundreds, thousands or millions of people following their blog, reaching fifty followers today feels like a victory to me.

This photo is old but I thought it was quite occasion-appropriate. When I started my blog about two weeks ago, it was because I love writing and I thought it would be a good platform but I thought it would take me months to get any followers or interaction whatsoever. I was so pleasantly surprise though.

I really enjoy blogging and it makes me so happy to think that people are reading what I have to say and it’s not just people who I am related to or who live here in South Africa. People from all over the world read my blog and that, to me, is so wonderful. It’s almost surreal.

I wanted to post a video to say all this but I quickly learned that I can’t post videos on here with my membership. For that reason, I went for the next best thing, I posted the video to YouTube. Here is the link for if you want to watch it:Β http://youtu.be/uaotmoB0G4k

Please excuse all the background noise. There is construction going on next door to me and my bird is particularly talkative today.