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My hair over the years

I was looking through a few photos and felt inspired to do a post on my hair throughout the last few years.

  1. My hair over the yearsThis photo of a pig-tailed version of myself was taken in 2006. It seems for most of that year, nine year old me adored pigtails in all forms including plaits.
  2. My hair over the years

In 2009 my friend and I thought it wise to attempt to cut layers in my hair on our own. I will never come close to my own hair with a scissors again.

3.Β My hair over the years

This brings us to the end of 2011. That was my major hair-straightening period and one before getting braces. I had my hair cut into many layers around my face and I would refuse to leave the house without straightening it first. ( A bit dramatic, I must admit. ) My hair stayed like this for 2012 as well but just got longer and I stopped layering it as much.

4.My hair over the years

I decided to be slightly more adventurous in 2013 so I had a curtain fringe cut and kept my hair long and straight. (My hair is naturally quite straight so it’s so much easier.)

5.My hair over the years

I truly hated my fringe because it was so high maintenance especially considering that my hair has a tendency to grow like weeds. When this picture was taken, I had started growing out my fringe and it was in that in-between phase where it was too short to really tie back properly and too long to wear loose. I wore my hair in a bun for most of the period while it was growing out. It was too much of a hassle to style my hair so that I could wear it loose.

6.My hair over the years

Once my fringe had grown out properly, I started wearing my hair loose again and by then it was incredibly long and I still enjoyed wearing it straight and sleek.

7.My hair over the years

I came to love spending minimal time on my hair and I always wanted curls so I started leaving my hair to air-dry in a ballet bun. My hair literally only took a minute other than the wash and I ended up with beach-like waves afterwards so this became my go-to hairstyle starting in 2013.


My hair over the years

Although this may seem like a random selfie of me in my pajamas, this is no ordinary selfie. This is the very last picture I took before chopping my long hair off into a shoulder-length bob. It was taken on the morning of my appointment with my hairdresser. Also, this is pretty much what my hair looks like naturally.

9. Β My hair over the years

This brings us to my current hairstyle. This was the very first picture I had taken after cutting enough hair off to make a wig, I am sure. I am loving having short hair. Although I can’t do as much with it, it is so much more manageable. My hair is very fine and knots very easily and having short hair has dramatically decreased the amount of knots. My hair is also so much more healthy.