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A New Nail Colour

Starting in my early teenage years, I started shying away from wearing bright colours on my finger nails and reserved them for painting my toes. I became a French manicure and neutral colour lover when it came to choosing a shade for them.

French manicures will always be my favourite style for my nails but I came across this colour the other day and couldn’t resist it. It is literally the shade of blood which is such a stunning colour to me, as insane as that might make me sound. I am definitely enjoying making an exception to my general rule about having neutral colours on my hands.

I just adore the how rich this colour is. This is Essence Colour & Go nail polish in number 113-do you speak love?

Although it might not be quite season-appropriate for the weather we are having now here in Cape Town, I love this colour and will definitely repurchase it when it finished.

A New Nail Colour

I didn’t paint extremely neatly, I apologise for that. That was a mixture of being in a rush and a lack of patience.

A New Nail Colour