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A Glamorous Updo

For Thursday, I needed to find something to do with my hair that suited the put-together glamour of the 1920’s.

I struggled initially since my hair isn’t very long and I am not brilliant with thinking up genius hairstyles. I struggled for approximately two hours trying to execute a hairstyle that I saw somewhere but all my attempts were unsuccessful. Eventually, I decided to try something different and I came up with this updo which is pictured above.

1. I started on the side where my parting is by taking a small section from the top and rolling another small section from just underneath it around it and I continued doing this until the roll on the side of my head Β reached the back of my head.

2. I clipped it with a bobby pin and sprayed hairspray over the clip to hold it in place.

3. I then pushed my free hair on the other side of my head behind my ear and took it over to the side where I had rolled my ‘fringe’ to the back of my head and I tied it up on the side of my head with a small rubber elastic band.

4. Once my hair was tied, I started rolling the ponytail and took it around the elastic as you would do any bun and I pinned it with bobby pins and normal hair pins.

5. To hold the bun in place, I used hairspray again.

6. To finish off the look and to really add an extra bit of glamour, I added pearl hair pins to the right side of my bun.

My hair didn’t bother me at all throughout the day and it most certainly suited the look of my outfit.