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My make-up bag

Since I only really started using make-up recently, I always only needed a tiny bag to store all my products in.

My make-up fetish has made itself known this year, however, so I needed to find a bigger make-up bag. I thought I had a large, silver make-up bag stored in my cupboard but I realised after climbing on a chair to get it that I had given it away because, at the time, I never thought I could possibly need such a large bag for make-up storage.

While I was rummaging through all the little bags I had long since forgotten about, I came across this little orange beauty and it was just the perfect size for the amount of products I own. I actually still can’t place where it came from or who gave it to me. I think about it every time I see it and I am still not sure but I adore it.

I am not an orange person. I used to wear the colour once upon a time when I still had time to spend most of my day outside and my pale skin had a bronze glow to it. I used to enjoy it then but lately I haven’t been interested in anything orange but the lining of this bag stole my heart. It’s just adds something so different to it!

My make-up bag

I am nearly sure that this bag was from a time before colour blocking came into fashion since I have absolutely no recollection of where it came from. It just makes me love it that much more. It’s nearly as if the little make-up bag has character of its own.