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DSCF4107I have always been a lipgloss type of girl until I was recently converted to a lipstick-lover since I fell in love with all the different finishes that can be achieved with them.

This is a list of the first few colours that have made themselves at home in my make-up bag.

From left to right:

1. Essence longlasting lipstick in number 07-Natural Beauty

This is one of my favourties. This colour can be seen on me in my article on ‘My Favourite Lip Products’.

2. Essence longlasting lipstick in number 13-Love Me

Love me is a stunning light pink shade with a slight warmth to it. I have only worn it once since I got it but I really enjoyed it.

3. Revlon Super Lustrous creme lipstick in number 069-Go Chilli

This is, in fact, the first lipstick that I ever bought and owned myself. It might seem like quite a daring colour for a first purchase but there is good reason for me choosing this colour in specific. Prior to this year, I spent eleven years of my life in a ballet studio dancing my heart out and this lipstick was just amazing for a stage make-up look. I still love this beautiful shade with all my heart and it has so many wonderful memories attached to it.

4. Essence longlasting lipstick in number 01-Coral Calling

This is such a pretty summer shade. I absolutely love how it almost seems to have life to it. There is a picture of me wearing this lipstick which you can see in my ‘about me’ article.

5. Essence longlasting lipstick in number 05-Dare to be Nude

I believe Essence has taken this particular shade off the market. I will say, I should not have purchased such a brown toned nude lipstick because it definitely washes out my fair skin more than it livens it. Peach or pink toned nudes work so much better if you have a fair complexion like I do.