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Thoughtful Shopping

As humans, we are often impulsive shoppers. My battle with impulsivity is at its worst when it comes to clothing.

I often see outfits styled in a way which I can really appreciate whether they may be on the pages of magazines, on social media or on people I come across in my day to day lifestyle. I will instantly feel inspired and find a way to make a similar outfit work for me. This usually results in me spending an afternoon in a mall searching for the pieces I don’t yet have.

When I find something that sort of fits, it becomes my life’s mission to purchase that item. This pair of jeans pictured above is one of many impulsive purchases I have made. I love high-waisted everything. I think it can be so flattering on almost everyone if you find a style that works for you. I was on a hunt for high-waisted jeans that day and I found these on one of my very last stops of the day. I tried them on and I did have some reservations about the fit but I thought that I would be able to make them work somehow since I so badly wanted another pair of high-waisted jeans and I didn’t only buy one pair, I bought two.

I think I made them work twice but both times I was so uncomfortable and they were too loose a fit for what I like when it comes to skinny jeans. It actually made my legs look a bit bigger. In general, they were actually too big.

They were in my cupboard for approximately a year before I took one pair and gave it to a friend to see if she wanted them but I hung on to the second pair in the hopes that I would still find some way to wear them which I truly loved. I am now giving my second pair to that same friend.

I am so grateful that she could adopt them but they were still a very unnecessary purchase and I barely got any use out of them. These jeans also aren’t the first clothing items that I have barely used before giving them away. The point of this article is to really make you think before just purchasing something because you want it or think you may be able to make it work. Rather be sure and try it on a few times before taking the tags off so that you can still return it if you have already purchased it and then decide it isn’t for you. It will save you so much money in the end.