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Choosing The Perfect Evening Dress

There are few feelings in this world which can rival the confidence a woman feels when putting on a beautiful dress and it is one no woman should be denied.

I recently attended a dance which was quite formal. I struggled to find a dress that I felt I would feel comfortable in but after much shopping around I came across a navy piece of perfection which combined two of my greatest fashion loves; lace and an open back. As someone who isn’t a fan of tight fitting clothing, I was extremely happy with the soft chiffon of the dress.

Choosing the perfect evening dress

When I tried it on it felt amazing and I knew I had to have it. It was perfect for my shape. The V-neck framed my face beautifully, the sparkling gold belt accentuated my waist line and the A-line skirt was just the ultimate balance between being comfortable and flattering. I loved the way the lace on the back of the dress just subtly added something different to an otherwise very simple dress and the small slits on either side of the skirt made for a flowing, elegant motion as I walked. It was also the last one in my size so I decided it was meant to be mine.

choosing the perfect evening dress

choosing the perfect evening dress

I was so comfortable in my dress all evening. Another bonus was the fact that I purchased it from a shop called YDE (Young Designers’ Emporium) which is a store that provides a showroom for young South African designers to showcase and sell their creations in order to further their career which is something I will gladly support as they have gorgeous clothing there for reasonable prices.

When choosing the perfect dress it is best to ask yourself the following set of questions before purchasing it:

  • What is it that drew me to the dress?
  • Does it compliment me? (Figure-wise, colour, etc.)
  • Does it fit as it should?
  • Can I really afford it?
  • Most importantly: Does it make me feel confident?

If you can answer all of those questions with a yes then it is most likely the dress for you because if you feel confident in what you are wearing then it will show.

choosing the perfect evening dress