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about me

As a younger child, which seems to be a lifetime ago, I dreamed of a career in fashion. Over the years the dream morphed into dreams of many different careers.

My ultimate dream was initially to be a fashion designer. I would spend hours sketching glamorous evening dresses and telling everyone who was willing to listen to the dreams of a starry-eyed child how my designs would one day grace the pages of my favourite fashion magazines and the runways of Fashion Weeks all over the world.

By the time I started high school, my adoration for writing and for language in general became the instigator behind my new dream of becoming the editor of a powerhouse fashion magazine. Women such as Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani became my ultimate role models.

As my high school career progressed, the unexpected happened. I fell deeply in love with science and a dream that, just a few months before I had to make a colossal decision on the subjects I will take during my senior years, would have seemed utterly insane to me built a home in my heart. I now dream of being a medical doctor but the change in my dreams has not rendered my love for fashion, beauty and health void.

Blogging enables me to incorporate all the great loves of my life which is why I simply had to have a blog of my own.